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About Us


We are an online steamboat delivery service, providing fresh, quality ingredient and comes with home-made healthy soups, delivered to your doorstep within KL & Selangor.


We started this journey on the start of the new years, two individuals, clueless about business but nonetheless, determined to carve a path in life whereby we can truly be proud of. 

Months of brain storming and discussion, trying to come up with ideas of the type of businesses we are passionate about and after six hard months of juggling our full-time work and this side hustle, our baby is now slowly but surely coming to life. 

We finally took the leap of faith, leaving our stable careers behind, diving head first into uncharted territories. Many mixed emotions - stress, fear of failure, pressure and expectations from love ones but ultimately, we are mostly excited, looking forward to this new journey that we are about to embark on.

With the lovely support from all of you guys, we could kick start our business on a strong and positive note and hopefully able to create something that we can truly say, "Yes, I am proud of what I have achieved!".

So stay tuned, as we share our story and document this new chapter of our lives. Thanks for listening!